IT 12.04 Launch!

It’s finally happened folks, after 21 years of programming, design and numerous field trials, IT 12.04 is a go. Fully autonomous, mostly self-aware, MGTJ91 is ready for public display. Further blog postings will contain detailed first-hand experiences in human interactions. A few bugs are still present in this release, but will be addressed with subsequent hotfixes.

I would like to thank those whose input and guidance have helped bring this project to fruition. If we’ve ever met, then you have played some small part and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you’re an asshat-wearing, narcissistic cannibalistic socialite with bipolar tendencies who condemns all men to corporate hell in either a short bus or via an unlikely natural disaster, your input is highly valued, and your contributions will be remembered, though your names will be forgotten for Anonimity’s sake.

And to those who always cared from the start, and never truly desired to see failures arise,
I love you.

Without your insane devotion towards the success of this project, it would have come to a grinding halt a long time ago. The lessons that you taught me may not have been fully accurate or even true, but from a beginner’s standpoint, they were more useful than one could ever dream of.

In retrospect, this has been an incredible journey, with enough stories to fill the minds of younger generations with hope and amusement. Looking into the future however, I see that younger generation laughing. Whether it’s at us, or with us is yet to be decided. Only when we as humans can put the legacies of our past behind us, can we fully embrace our future.

Goodnight Earth.


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