This is a title too.

I can’t sleep. Theoretically, if I were to cease moving, thinking and wanting to be awake, I could sleep, but I can’t control most of my body. Although as an intelligent being, one could say I am my brain, kept alive only by my body. But that’s like saying a car is a car only because it has an engine. Take the engine out of the car, the car ceases to move, the engine can’t function. You could run fuel and electricity to the engine in various non-car ways, but then you just have a hunk of metal hanging from chains making noise, smoke and more noise.

Hook up the air intake to a hose, and you create a vacuum on the other end. Apply filtration, and you have a 4/6/8 cylinder internal combustion-powered vacuum cleaner.

Why the fuck would you put time and effort into that?

Cause it’s cool, when you have the time and the means.

It’s time to sleep. Goodnight readers.